A Family Business That Keeps On Trucking

Biagi Bros – Trucking, Warehousing and 3PL

The trucking and warehousing operation known as Biagi Bros. started in 1978 when brothers Fred Jr. and Greg Biagi, using their father’s knowledge of LTL shipping, stepped out and purchased their own truck. Little did they know their fledgling company would grow into the enterprise being run today by the next generation. We have become a full service trucking, warehousing and logistics company offering expert 3PL services to clients across North America. There have been many changes since the early days of LTL transportation, but the focus on customer service and a tenacious work ethic have remained consistent.

Because we’re a family-owned and operated business, we tend to treat our clients
like family as well. To give you a glimpse of who we are, we thought we’d take time over the next few months and introduce those of us at the helm of Biagi Bros today. Our “Guru of Geek” is Nick Biagi. Nick has been the Director of Information Technology and Accounts Receivable for over 13 years.

Nick Biagi

His extensive experience in all things technical makes him the brains behind the latest technology that keeps your shipment on time and your inventory secure.

Most recently, Nick’s been rolling out the latest in automated bar-code scanning to two new warehouses in addition to evaluating various trailer tracking solutions.
“We are really doing great things here. We have implemented a tier one Financial
System, Warehouse Management System with full RF (bar-code scanning),
Transportation Management System, GPS Tracking System, and completed dozens of integrations with customers to increase accuracy, increase service, and streamline operations for both us and our customers”, Nick says.

If there are questions about your statements or contracts, Nick is the fellow we turn to. What he does for the company is highly valued, but who he is to the company is irreplaceable. For Nick, this isn’t just a job – a series of duties on a to-do list – this truly is his passion.

While many people think trucking and warehousing is a business about “stuff”- picking up stuff, storing stuff, and getting stuff from “A” to “B” on time, we think it’s so much more than freight. It’s a business about people. According to Nick, “Our employees, customers, and vendors are like family”. Biagi Bros. hires great people and our culture here creates the kind of corporate ethos employees want to remain a part of. We strive to be one of the top paying trucking companies in the business and we attract professionals. Our company is only as successful as our team and we know it. We all take pride in doing our part to accomplish what we could never do if we weren’t working together. We really appreciate and respect one another and we look forward to the exciting things ahead in the trucking and warehousing industry.

Biagi Bros. Corporate HQ
787 Airpark Rd
Napa, CA 94558
(707) 251-9990

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