Truck Driver Shortage – Continent Wide

Across the Country – Truck Driver Shortage

Truck Driver Shortage

Anyone in the transportation industry is well aware of the shortage of truck drivers. Currently this industry has room for an additional 30,000 to 40,000 truckers. By 2022 experts predict this number could jump to 239,000 and that is a significant truck driver shortage for the industry.

In an effort to aide this truck driver shortage, Biagi Bros donated one of their highway tractors to Santa Rosa Junior College. The college program teaches everything needed in order to become a California Commercial Truck Class A driver. ( SRJC Driver Training ) Even though there is no obligation for these students to work for Biagi, the company feels strongly about doing what they can to help with this shortage. Making training more accessible is a step in the right direction.

So what’s keeping drivers away? Some say it’s the pay. Any time there is a shortage in the workforce, wages are driven up. This is reflected in the significant increase since 2012 in the national salary average for truck drivers. A shortage also increases the amount workers jump from company to company in search of the best pay and benefits. This can take its toll on employers. Companies such as Biagi that have taken the time and resources to foster a sense of family and compensate their drivers fairly have not been impacted as severely by this.

Some feel that increased regulations also has an effect. Both trucking companies as well as drivers who operate independently have increased expenses as environmental and monitoring

3PL Services Include Transportation

Biagi Bros New Greener Machines

technologies are mandated. This makes it harder to meet the bottom line. Again those companies implementing and investing in more environmentally friendly technologies will in the long term reap the rewards for not only the environment but, their drivers and companies as well.

Driving truck has evolved over the years and so have the men and women getting the job done. Not that this job has gotten any easier! New drivers quickly find out that they have a lot of responsibilities and have to pay attention to detail. Drivers need to know everything from schedules and routes, to fuel efficiency and regulations. An increase in the demands made on them is also a factor in the shortage.

As more truck drivers retire and the shortage continues, those companies being proactive and thinking outside of the box in attracting new drivers will continue to thrive. Biagi Bros intends to do what they can to help make driving a more desirable career. They support their drivers by keeping up to date with regulations and using new technologies, on and off the road, to help get the job done. They support the training of new drivers in the form of their significant donation to Santa Rosa Junior College. Biagi is also very intentional in maintaining a family atmosphere within their company and continues partnering with the communities they are in to be a positive influence. Despite our current economy, Biagi is committed to investing in the drivers this industry desperately needs.

Biagi Bros
If you are interested in working for a company that cares about the environment, people and a job well done in every area of life, contact Biagi Bros.

Did you know that Biagi Bros has partnered with SRJC Driver Training to provide driver training for drivers wanting to get their commercial class “A” driving ticket?

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Natural Gas (CNG) Powers New Biagi Trucks

Biagi Bros New Natural Gas Regional Tractors

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 20%

Some companies talk about being environmentally conscious or as it is said, “Going Green” and other companies make a mindful decision to make their operations green. Biagi Bros. is a company that has made the decision to Go Green at the ownership and management level and that green initiative just naturally trickles down throughout the company. The acquisition of natural gas powered, energy efficient regional tractors is the most recent of many environmental projects that Biagi Bros has been involved over the past few years.

The company has made a number of planned environmental initiatives including the move to recycled water, from previously using potable water at its Napa Valley Distribution Center for its landscape irrigation. Read the full article here.

Significantly the Biagi Bros Van Nuys terminal now features 15 new clean diesel tractors that actually leave cleaner air in their wake. You can read more about that project here.

In 2013 all of the Biagi warehouses (over 3.5 million square feet of food grade warehouse facilities) began the process of changing their lighting from metal-halide to newer motion-sensor fluorescent lights that expend 70% less energy. In 2013 Biagi also purchased new low emission Peterbilt tractors replacing some of the older units in the California fleet. These units were appropriately named “Green Machines” and you can read more about them here. natural gas

Most recently Biagi Bros. subsidiary Arco Logistics, providers of logistics (3PL) and supply chain management services to companies across the USA has purchased the ultra-safe 100% natural gas powered Freightliner tractor. These fuel efficient tractors are for their Anheuser-Busch “Seed To Sip” operations in St Louis MO. According to Freightliner the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are reduced with these CNG natural gas Cummins engines by a whopping 20% over equivalent diesel fueled units. ( Freightliner FAQ )

With the purchase of these new energy efficient GHG reducing tractors Biagi Bros is continuing to do its part to help create a better environment for us all.

Biagi Bros
If you are interested in working for a company that cares about the environment, people and a job well done in every area of life, contact Biagi Bros.

Did you know that Biagi Bros has partnered with SRJC Driver Training to provide driver training for drivers wanting to get their commercial class “A” driving ticket?


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Purple The New Green

Purple the New Green for Biagi Bros

What’s all the buzz around the colorful new pipes at the Biagi Bros properties in the Napa Airport Centre? Some may not be aware but, purple pipes indicate they contain recycled water. This water is not potable but can be used for a variety of things from crop and landscape irrigation to industrial applications such as cooling towers and flushing toilets. For Biagi Bros the purple pipes mean an alternate water source for their landscape irrigation making their purple the new green. Not only is the grass green but the business is as green as Biagi Bros can make it.

purple is green“Biagi Bros went Green, now we are going Purple. Recycled water is simply the best option for our business, it’s important to conserve during drought times and be environmentally aware for the future.”

In light of California facing some of their driest years in recorded state history, Biagi Bros has once again shown initiative and their commitment to the environment. They are the first of ninepurple is green businesses in the Napa Airport Centre to quit using potable water from the City of American Canyon and use recycled water from Napa Sanitation for their landscaping irrigation. California’s regulations for water and water recycling are among the most stringent in the world and have been used as a model for other countries. In Napa County there are very strict watering protocols in effect but, Biagi Bros took it one step further with this latest advancement.

The average potable water consumption for Biagi Bros has been 2.6 million gallons per year for outdoor irrigation. The amount saved by this project will supply approximately 24 homes in American Canyon with water per year according to Jason Holley, public works director of American Canyon. Even Jeff Tucker, CFO of Napa Sanitation is excited about Biagi Bros making this change. For every gallon of recycled water being used a gallon of potable water is being conserved. This will have an incredible impact on the community and the environment!

Purple the New GreenThey want to encourage other businesses in their area to follow suit. Stacey Biagi-Monk, director of social media and public relations said recently, “We’re really proud of this innovative project. We want to be a leader in this kind of stuff.”

By making purple the new green, the bonus is, not only are they being environmentally responsible but also fiscally responsible. Even though this project has had an initial cost of $50,000 to connect with the recycled water system, they will save over $21,000 per year. Napa Sanitation currently charges $6.69 per thousand gallons of potable water and just $1.01 for the same amount of recycled water. It won’t take long for the savings to add up.

This project is another exciting reason why Biagi Bros continues to show their staying power in today’s market. Imagine the impact using recycled water could have on Napa County as other businesses follow suit.

Biagi Bros
If you are interested in working for a company that cares about the environment, people and a job well done in every area of life, contact Biagi Bros. Did you know that Biagi Bros has partnered with SRJC Driver Training to provide driver training for drivers wanting to get their commercial class “A” driving ticket?

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Smarter Transportation

Smarter Transportation with SmartWay!

In a global market where goods are moving faster and further than ever and the strength of our economy is affected greatly by our ability to move freight, the freight transportation industry has had to be innovative and dynamic to keep up. Add to this a growing awareness and demand to handle environmental concerns responsibly and you have the birth of the SmartWay Program. Biagi Bros is a proud supporter of this program and continues to be a front runner in going green by implementing many practices and technologies that meet and often exceed SmartWay standards.

Since 2003 the EPA has been collaborating with the freight transportation industry in this market-driven partnership to significantly decrease its carbon footprint. The launch of the program inSmarter Transportation 2004 is a voluntary initiative that partners the EPA with all areas of the industry to ship and carry goods in a way that improves efficiency. From policy and technical solutions to research and evaluations the SmartWay program is always looking for better ways and technologies to improve the handling and transportation of freight. Transportation is an industry that often gets a bad rap for contributing to the use of fossil fuels, carbon and nitrogen oxide emissions, and particulate matter emissions. Companies like Biagi Bros who have adopted the SmartWay Program have not only significantly decreased their carbon footprint but, have also reaped the rewards of decreased costs in their businesses. SmartWay program trucks are operated with greater efficiency and utilize equipment that reduces overall fuel consumption.

Biagi Bros is a forward thinking company that uses their network, warehousing, and transportation resources to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact. Last year Biagi put a fleet of fifteen Freightliner transport trucks on the road that not only have cleaner exhaust consisting of hydrogen and water, but are also 15,000 lbs. lighter, which translates to a 10% reduction in fuel costs and less wear and tear on America’s highways. Only a handful of transport companies have these trucks on the road. Biagi has also shown their innovation and concern for the environment in their most recent project which uses recycled water for their landscape irrigation at two of their warehouse properties. They are the first of nine businesses in the Napa Valley area to stop using scarce and precious potable water for irrigation. On top of making a better choice for the environment, they will also save over $21,000 in water bills over the next twelve months alone.

There are nearly 3,000 companies and associations who have adopted various components of this program and it continues to grow as it moves north into Canada. Biagi Bros continues to be one of those dynamic and innovative companies in the industry. Continuing to look for ways to reduce their impact on the environment has also allowed them to reduce costs in an age of increase. This translates to being able to pass those savings along to their valued customers proving that doing things the smart way is indeed better.

Biagi Bros
If you are interested in working for a company that cares about the environment, people and a job well done in every area of life, contact Biagi Bros.

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Biagi Bros Driver Assists Heart Attack Victim

Good Samaritan, Bryan Roxberg

We at Biagi Bros would like to salute our driver, and Good Samaritan, Bryan Roxberg. Bryan, along with another truck driver and motorist have helped to restore our faith in human kindness by taking time to care for their fellowman. The trio helped to save the life of another driver in distress on a busy Petaluma, California thoroughfare this past April 16th.Biagi Bros Bryan Roxberg

Everything seemed to work in favor of the 61-year old male victim who was suffering from a heart attack. His car rolled back and bumped into the vehicle behind him. That driver left his vehicle to investigate what was going on and discovered the victim hunched over his steering wheel turning blue. Bryan Roxberg and another driver used a hammer and fire extinguisher to break the driver’s side window to access the locked vehicle of the motorist in distress. Pulling him to safety, they commenced CPR. Fortunately for the victim, a Verihealth medical transport van was close by with a defibrillator. Thanks to a coordinated effort by a caring group of individuals the man’s probability of surviving this cardiac incident were greatly increased. (See article)

Bryan has been a member of the Biagi team for the past 8 years and we are so thankful for his hard work and dedication not only to Biagi Bros, but his fellowman.

Biagi Bros
If you are interested in working for a company that cares about people and a job well done in every area of life, contact Biagi Bros.

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

“To whom much is given, much is expected”.  Whatever you particular political affiliation, this famous quote by John F. Kennedy represents a sentiment held by many of us in America.  At Biagi Bros, we don’t want to take our success for granted; we believe wholeheartedly in giving back.

Having friends suffering from ALS, the “Ice Bucket Challenge” is a cause very near and dear to our hearts at Biagi Bros.  When Rick Tigner of Jackson Family Wines in Santa Rosa, California, called out Fred and Greg Biagi, they were happy to take the plunge, as it were.  On September 5, 2014, they answered the challenge and decided to issue a few of their own.  Fred and Greg called out some friends and partners who are also active in fundraising and charity work, and have a heart for giving. (See video)

Greg Biagi called out his good friend – (and one of his all-time favorite baseball players) – Barry Bonds.  Greg first met Barry through a fundraising function for the UCSF Medical Center in San Biagi Green TeamFrancisco.  He also called out Tom Wyness, Senior VP of Crown Imports (Constellation Brands Beer).  Tom is well-liked by all of us here at Biagi Bros.  He is very active in charity work for the V Foundation for cancer research.  And last but not least, he called out Barbara Banke, owner of Jackson Family Wines.  In a joint venture with Biagi Bros, Jackson Family Wines operates the largest wine distribution center in Northern California.  When we think of the word “charitable”, we think of Barbara Banke.

Fred Biagi called out David Ragan, driver of the 98 Ford Mustang (Nationwide Series).  While he might prefer to be doused with ice-cold champagne, the Ice Bucket challenge is a great cause and Fred know David would be all over that.  Fred also called out his friend, Mike Matthews.  Owner of Napa Auto Parts in Sonoma County, California, Mike is a long-time friend from high school.  Fred’s partner and co-sponsor of the aforementioned 98 Ford Mustang, Bill DenBeste was also called out.  Bill is the VP of DenBeste Transportation out of Windsor, California.  While he too would be thrilled with a dousing of ice-cold bubbly, the Ice Bucket challenge is a charity close to Bill’s heart as well.

Biagi Bros extends our thoughts and prayers to the sufferers of ALS and the friends and family who suffer along with them.  May a cure be found soon.


Biagi Bros


If you are interested in working for a company that cares about the success of their employees at work as well as at play, contact Biagi Bros.


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Indiana Little League State Champions

Indiana Little League State Champions

A dozen boys in Highland Indiana are having the summer of their dreams.  On July 23, 2014, Highland Indiana’s 10 and 11-year old little leaguers defeated Broadripple in a score of 11 to 0 to win their state championship.Indiana Little League State Champions - Highland  What do the exploits of a dozen little leaguers have to do with supply chain management?  Nothing and everything.  At Biagi Bros we are all about relationships.  We work together.  We grow together. We support each other.  We cheer for each other.  And boys, have you ever given us something to cheer about!

Biagi Bros’ Chicago warehouse manager, Phil Santaguida is one of the little league’s coaches.  Having coached high school baseball for 10 years, Phil switched to working with little league to be able to spend quality time with his son, Eric.

The youngsters made it to the state final last year in the 9/10-year old category, but lost to New Albany.  This seemed to light a fire under the kids.  They believed that victory was in their grasp and they wanted to win in 2014. Throughout the off-season, the boys practiced indoors 2 hours, 4 evenings per week.  The season started April 23 of this year.  The road to victory began with Highland in a pool of at least 100 other teams.  This pool was eventually reduced to 14 final teams from each district each working towards the right to battle it out for the state championship.

Highland Champs team photo with coachesAll the hard work paid off and the boys realized their goal.  During the final tournament some outstanding efforts were made. Jason Reis, Camden Scheidt, Josiah Wildman, Eric Santaguida, Leo DeLeon, Ryan Smith all hit home runs, Tristen Hendricks provided a grand slam, and pitcher, Jason Reis also threw a no hitter in the championship game.

Biagi Bros is so proud of you Highland Indiana 10 and 11-year old all stars.  Way to go champs!


Biagi Bros


If you are interested in working for a company that cares about the success of their employees at work as well as at play, contact Biagi Bros.

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Biagi Green is Even Greener

Biagi Green – Going Leaner & Greener

The air has gotten a little cleaner in California thanks to Biagi Bros’ Van Nuys terminal.  Fifteen brand new, state-of-the-art Freightliners just hit the highways, leaving cleaner air in their wake – literally.  The exhaust from these trucks is comprised of hydrogen and water.  Those images of semis spewing black diesel exhaust will eventually become a thing of the past, but since we like to be on the forefront of the latest advancements in technology, the arrival of these 2015 trucks has been highly anticipated.

These new low emission Cascadia Freightliners are equipped with a DV-13 engine. Engineered and manufactured in Germany, this clean diesel engine has been in use for several years in Europe, at this point less than a handfuBiagi Green Freightlinerl of US companies have made the investment in this equipment.  There is no question that other supply chain providers will be following suit eventually.  Refurbishment of a Freightliner factory in Detroit is underway in anticipation of the coming demand.

The engine is only part of the buzz surrounding these new green trucks.  They also feature a 12-speed automatic transmission and are 15,000 lbs lighter than the lightest trucks on the road, which translates into optimum fuel economy.  With speed governors in place, we anticipate a 10% reduction in fuel over the 10-speed manual transmission day cabs being replaced.

The Cascadia was also built for optimum driver comfort and safety.  This month our drivers spent over 2 hours in training with Freightliner.  Each was each given a chance to test-drive the pilot truck and one lucky driver participated in a test run from a Brewery.  The response has been very positive.  Because of the automatic transmission, drivers are able to have both hands on the wheel, and the “creeper mode” eliminates the wear and tear on the truck and the driver in stop-and-go traffic.  Driver fatigue and repetitive strain injuries are greatly reduced.  In fact, one of the drivers is even rethinking his plans for retirement.  The only negative comment has been that we should have gotten these trucks years ago!  (You’ll have to take that one up with Freightliner fellas.)

The “virtual Technician” program is another feature of the new green machines that we are really excited about because it will help us take customer service to another level. A good maintenance program has always been the key to minimizing breakdowns and downtime which is paramount to on-time delivery.  However, we don’t live in a perfect world and even the best maintenance program can’t eliminate every potential problem.  This is where the Virtual Technician program comes in.

Trucks are equipped with an on-board computer remotely connected to a diagnostics center at Freightliner.  If a warning light goes off, or the driver senses a problem, a qualified technician at Freightliner can perform an immediate analysis and advise the driver or fleet manager as to how best to proceed.  Should servicing be required urgently, Freightliner will provide Biagi Bros with a directory of the closest approved service centers, as well as inventory information regarding the availability of parts and how long the repair should take.   Because problems can be diagnosed in real time, our fleet management team can make well informed decisions. If a second truck needs to be dispatched, we will be able to arrange it right away.  Anything that can be done to keep on schedule and reduce down time means better business for our customers and for us.

At Biagi Bros, we want to do all that we can to promote the success of our customers.  Going leaner and greener with the new 2015 Freightliner Cascadias is helping us do just that.

Biagi Bros

If you are in need of warehousing, logistics, 3PL, supply chain management and/or transportation services or you would like to work with a company that’s progressive and green conscious, contact us at Biagi Bros.

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3PL Logistics Services

3PL Logistics Services

Planning, arranging, and buying transportation to move your freight–traffic management–might be the most critical aspect of logistics. Freight consolidation, carrier costs and selection, tracing and expediting, and all the other duties involved in this all-important job all work better through a third party logistics (3PL) service provider.

The combined effect of these benefits to your company

Outsourcing logistics, with all of its benefits, gives you a competitive advantage through:

  • greater flexibility3PL Warehouse
  • improved operational efficiency
  • enhanced customer service capabilities
  • reduction of capital expenditures

In the end you’re saving a wealth of time and money by using a 3PL service provider, eliminating the need to invest in warehouse space, technology, transportation, and staff to execute logistics. Save yourself from costly mistakes, and allow your business to build a global logistical network with lower risk and higher return.

Consider the savings experiences by other companies

This must be why almost 80 percent of North American companies use 3PL logistics services, accounting for over 40 percent of their logistics dollars. Studies show using a 3PL service provider reduces:

  • logistics costs by 12 percent
  • logistics assets by 25 percent
  • order cycle length by almost half
  • inventory by 8 percent.

These results are average. Your company might do even better.

Why 3PL is essential to traffic management

3PL service providers bring an all-in-one solution for assembling, packaging, warehousing, and distributing your freight reliably, efficiently, and with the least trouble to you. Going with a 3PL service provider benefits your business through:

  1. resource network–allowing each step in the supply chain to be executed in the most efficient, cost-effective way by leveraging relationships and volume discounts not available in-house, thereby lowering overhead and expediting service.
  2. reduced time and effort–no need to worry about the paperwork, billing, audits, training, staffing, and optimization throughout the supply chain.
  3. focused expertise–combined industry best practices, the latest technology, software capable of advanced reporting, inventory management, visible monitoring of the entire process, and just in-time practices. Outsourcing logistics to seasoned, reliable professionals allows you to focus on your core competencies.
  4. scalability and flexibility–scaling space, labor, and transportation according to exact inventory needs, utilizing more space and resources when needed, allowing your business to grow into new regions without barriers through strategically-located distribution centers and warehouses for expeditious shipping of goods anywhere in the world.
  5. continuous optimization–using the fastest, most efficient, and cost-effective methods available to restructure the supply chain with sophisticated management software analyzing and monitoring practices continuously to eliminate inefficiencies and streamline the supply chain.

Through these advantages 3PL services providers help you maximize profits, reduce wait times, and improve customer service.

Selecting the best 3PL service provider

Selecting the right logistics company to manage your company’s supply chain is of vital importance to the future of your company’s operations. At Biagi Bros, we know greater efficiency in the freight business means enhanced cost effectiveness for you.

Our integrated logistics optimization program increases efficiency and assist shippers like you in trimming your overall freight costs by . .

  1. making creative use of our cross docking, warehousing, and freight brokerage services
  2. employing the best optimization technology has to offer
  3. investing time in on-site analysis, and
  4. bringing to bear our years of 3PL experience

. . we are able to help our customers realize a substantial reduction in freight expenses, capital expenditure, and the time and effort required to make things go in-house.

With 12 strategically located warehouses and hubs in California (5) , Texas (2), Washington, Illinois, Arizona and Florida, Biagi Bros delivers regionally and across the continental United States. A seasoned, highly-skilled dispatch team, working with well-trained drivers, we provide consistent and dependable solutions for your logistics needs.

Biagi BrosIf you are in need of warehousing, logistics, 3PL, supply chain management and/or transportation services or you would like to work with a company that’s progressive, community minded and green conscious, contact us at Biagi Bros.

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Getting a Clear Handle on 3PL Trucking and Warehousing

Getting a Clear Handle on 3PL Trucking and Warehousing

Advances in technology and global business exposure due to increased internet-based purchasing through smartphones and computers have given companies greater opportunities for tapping a rich vein of marketability and virtually unlimited visibility for their brand, products, and services.  Larger companies with a solid logistics infrastructure see little impact on their overall shipping and distribution processes due to the revitalization of customer demand on an international scale.  For smaller companies or previously geographically-restricted businesses, the ability to provide products to a global audience also comes with the challenges of managing an effective logistics process.

Third-party logistics (3PL) provides a means for companies to outsource their packaging, storage, and shipping/transportation needs to a specialized provider that focuses solely on

green transporation

Biagi Bros New Greener Machines

managing the end-to-end supply chain and logistics needs of manufacturers and distributors.  This type of logistics management provides a wealth of benefits to companies both large and small, such as:

  • Frees up company resources (time, finances, people) to focus on core competencies
  • Provides a more efficient and consistent method of handling fluctuations in volume (demand)
  • 3PLs have access to a broader network of resources than in-house logistics teams do
  • Outsourcing reduces the space requirements of a company by eliminating the need for warehousing, shipping, and packaging facilities on-site
  • Overall reduction in overhead due to lack of need for supply chain staffing, facilities, and tools for completion of logistics processes
  • 3PL trucking and warehousing providers are experts in logistics because that is their only job
  • Outsourced logistics are able to adapt to constantly changing demands for space, labor, and transportation by providing services on an “as needed” basis
  • Third-party logistics providers are hyper-aware of supply chain practices, regulations, and governing policies, as well as changes to those factors, and are constantly evolving their methods to stay on top of industry standards and make beneficial improvements to the various links in their supply chains

3PL providers usually work closely with the company to whom they are providing services to ensure that the company’s needs are being met at every stage of the supply chain.  They also generally offer the ability for companies to remotely manage logistics processes, track movement of shipments, view and make adjustments to inventories, and modify other aspects of the different stages of packaging, warehousing, and shipping processes in real-time, 24 hours a day.  This is typically done via online utilities that give a 3PL client the flexibility to manage all those factors from their home or office via computer, laptop, or internet-enabled mobile device.

Those are just a few of the numerous benefits of outsourcing logistics and supply chain needs to a third-party provider.  It’s a win-win situation for both parties involved, and due to a company’s ability to monitor, make changes to, and track their supply chain in real-time, there are no real disadvantages to obtaining the services of a 3PL provider.

The logistics realm is a highly competitive environment because of the numerous benefits outsourced supply chain processes offer to companies of any size, no matter what level of demand the company’s merchandise is exposed to.  3PL providers are stepping up their game to provide the highest standards of customer service through the establishment of close working relationships and assurance of the importance of your logistics needs to them on a business-to-business level.  After all, your business IS their business.

Biagi BrosIf you are in need of warehousing, logistics, 3PL, supply chain management and/or transportation services or you would like to work with a company that’s progressive, community minded and green conscious, contact us at Biagi Bros.

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