Dedicated Contract Trucking

Dedicated Contract Carriage

Are you looking for a turnkey, cost-effective transportation solution? In today’s economy it’s extremely difficult and costly to revive an aging fleet, let alone expand it to meet peak demands. You may find it equally challenging to attract and keep well-trained professional drivers and reduce employee turnover.

To help you solve these logistical issues, Biagi Bros offers a dedicated contract trucking service – a two-pronged force which consists of a dedicated fleet and a dedicated team of skilled drivers, fleet managers and ever-present customer support.

A Dedicated Fleet

We’ll give you your very own fleet, minus the operational headaches. We want you free from the burden of managing a private fleet every single day so that you can focus on your core business.

Do you want to maintain the excellent image of your company or enhance brand awareness? We’re ready to furnish you with company-branded equipment and professional drivers. What’s more, our dedicated contract carriage comes with value-added services for maximum fleet utilization – even during peak periods!

Our job is to help you get the most value for every transportation dollar you spend.

A Dedicated Team

Imagine a team of skilled drivers who perform their best to serve your customers and your business goals. We’ll make that happen for you.

Biagi Bros can train and manage your drivers. Transportation is our business and we have made hiring something of an art. We’re highly selective and relentless when it comes to training. We even offer complete driver training so that you can comply with ongoing safety requirements. All of this means you’ll get drivers who are professional, experienced, dedicated and safe.

Biagi Bros’ two-pronged dedicated contract trucking solution consists of putting together the right fleet and the right team. First get the right fleet and then hire the right team. Without expending tons of money and resources, you are able to acquire a powerful competitive advantage. You don’t run a trucking company and you shouldn’t have to waste time and resources trying to. We want you free to be able to focus on your core business. Your success is our success.


Download a Credit Form, print and mail to: 787 AIRPARK ROAD, NAPA, CA 94558; or fax back to: (707) 251-0309

Biagi Dedicated Contract Trucking
Biagi Dedicated Contract Trucking
Biagi Dedicated Contract Trucking

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