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Local Delivery Services - Across the Nation

  • Are you a traffic manager tasked with entering into an unfamiliar or new market?
  • Are you just not getting the results you need and have committed to your customers?
  • Do you need to deliver inventory from a national array of local warehouses to the other side of town on time?
  • Do key customers within national local regions expect you to serve them better, faster and more economically?

Biagi can help you!

We have more than 16 distribution centers strategically located across the country, all of which offer local and regional trucking services. So the odds are that we're already in your area.

Biagi offers Contract Trucking services, Dedicated Trucking services, as well as our general freight operations. We provide 3PL, warehousing and freight services for some of the largest companies in America, but we also understand the needs of smaller business, boutique wineries for example. Give us a call and see how we can help your business.

Here are some of our terminals and the local destinations they cover:

  • Ontario, CA and Van Nuys, CA — These are two of our largest local transportation departments serving Southern California, Southern Nevada and Arizona.
  • Benicia, CA — This is our longest running transportation department. It locally serves the Benicia land area up to a 50 mile radius.
  • Napa, CA — This is another Northern California fleet that services the local area. Our Napa Tanker Division supports the wine and juice transportation needs of the industry.
  • Tucson, AZ — Out of this terminal, we deliver within the Arizona area.
  • Houston, TX — Our Houston truck terminal showcases a mix of '57 roller-beds and dry vans and serves the greater Houston area.
  • Chicago, IL — This terminal locally services the greater Chicago area.
  • Jacksonville, FL — This truck terminal is conveniently located near the Port of Jacksonville. Local truck services are available to surrounding destinations.

Biagi is Green

Not only are our trucks a signature green color, we actually do everything we can to make our entire company green. Whether it’s our trucks, terminals or warehouses, we are committed to the environment.

Here's a complete list of our terminal locations.


Download a Credit Form, print and mail to: 787 AIRPARK ROAD, NAPA, CA 94558; or fax back to: (707) 251-0309

Biagi Local Transportation
Biagi Local Transportation
Biagi Local Transportation

Biagi Bros is a full-service logistics, warehousing, transportation and 3PL provider. Our company serves clients across North America. Talk to us and visit our convenient locations in California (Napa, Van Nuys, Ontario and Benicia) and other locations in Chicago IL, Auburn WA, Tucson AZ, Oklahoma City OK, Houston TX, Arlington TX, Charlotte NC and Jacksonville FL.

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